Sevices provides a wide range of services:

  • Strategy
  • Project planning
  • Due diligence
  • Independent project and personnel assessment
  • Technology organization operation plans
  • RFP generation or response
  • Code review
  • Software development
  • Optimization
  • Project Rescue


Philosophy does not try to focus on one particular practice. We have a broad background in mobile, web and specialized development. Our customers include B2B, Finance and Technology companies.

Our approach allows us to apply our experience across a variety of problem spaces. However our depth comes into play for e-commerce, transactions, back-end design, optimization and scalability. applies a pragmatic approach to developing solutions. We work with C-level management and stakeholders to assess priorities, risk, and culture. Given these parameters, we try to leverage team and technology to provide a tailored response to each company's individual need. There is no one-size fits all mentality when it comes to technical solutions. ▵Top


A small up front expenditure on technical due diligence and planning can save time and money over the course of almost any project. Let help you look smart and be prepared. Our assessments and oversight have saved the day in a number of cases. If things need to be brought back on track, it is never too late to call in for our expertise.

& Technology has serviced customers in capital markets, telecom, insurance, internet, and health care industries:

  • Wall Street - High Frequency Trading Firm
  • Wall Street - Stat-Arb Firm
  • Wall Street - Trading Startup
  • Zenith National - Insurance
  • Shopzilla - Internet
  • NantWorks - Medical Informatics
  • Auryn - Internet
  • Storitz - Internet
  • ParqCity - Internet
  • Capital Brands - Consumer
  • CultureComm - International/Internet
  • LA Superior Court - Goverment
  • Wellpoint - Healthcare
  • Trillium Digital Systems / Intel - Telecom has employed a variety of solution technologies not limited to the following:

  • Java - full stack
  • Groovy/Grails
  • PHP/Yii framework
  • C++ with and without Boost
  • Python including Twister
  • MySql/Maria databases
  • Node.js / MongoDB
  • Linux / Centos production
  • Amazon Web Services
  • SOA / RESTful services
  • iOS and looking at Swift
  • Android